Program Management UNHCR Global Management Assessment

Program Management UNHCR Global Management Assessment

Oktober 2018 until June 2019

My client May & Company was selected to provide a global management assessment program for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

This non-profit organisation has naturally a very varied leadership and a new process had been established to unify the promotion process for leadership roles. In order to be considered for promotion, leadership staff on various levels have to complete a ‘Hogan assessment’ (personality assessment) and undergo a 1:1 interview with a qualified assessor. After the evaluation, the scores of the Hogan assessment and the interview are used as an indicator for the readiness for promotion respectively areas for improvement are revealed.

This program was very complex as everything had to be setup from scratch:

  • Information and assessment materials
  • Communication plan and intranet resources like an intro video, FAQs etc.
  • Onboarding and train-the-trainer of assessors
  • Processes for scheduling appointments globally across all timezones and delivery of all assessments in a confidential way
  • Review and QA process for all assessments prior to distribution
  • Transparent T&C and billing processes for the participants and program stakeholder

Number of participants: 1200+

Project duration: September 2018 – ongoing

  • Client: May & Company (UNHCR)
  • Service: Program Management