Project Management PayPal Domestic Launch in Russia

Project Management PayPal Domestic Launch in Russia

March until September 2013 

Project management of the marketing and communications work stream in the Russia go-to-market program, which opened up the Russian market to domestic e-commerce through enabling rouble as new currency in the PayPal product after obtaining a Russian banking license.

Project workstreams:

  • Migration of existing consumers and merchants (KYB/KYC) in line with legal and compliance requirements dictated by the Russian banking license
  • Corporate (PR/Social media) launch
  • Co-marketing negotiations and launch (with 12 large Merchants as exclusive launch partners –, the Russian ‘Amazon’ etc)

Project duration: < 6 months
Project Budget: $1m+

Moscow Times Article

Wall Street Journal Blog

  • Client: PayPal France
  • Service: Project Management